‘Ringer’ Executive Producers: Expect a Bloodbath

Ringer (The CW)

Now it’s the evil twin’s turn in the spotlight. That’s what “Ringer” creators Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo teased at a screening of the show’s mid-season premiere, “It Just Got Normal” (Jan. 31 at 9/8c).  Bad girl Siobhan is back in Manhattan now, making Bridget’s life even more difficult. The hour includes the most bogus portrayal of computer expertise in television history, a tense shower scene, and star Sarah Michelle Gellar displaying her old “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fighting skills.  “We just felt like the conceit of having Siobhan in Paris was perfect for the first chapter but we wanted to amp things up,” explains Charmelo. “It’s just more fun playing with the twinning of it all by having the two sisters in the same city simultaneously and interacting and interweaving at least from one side unaware.”

The co-creators promise that viewers will soon get solutions to the show’s many mysteries, including the reason why Siobhan hates Bridget so much. “There’s one singular incident that drove a gigantic wedge between the sisters. We’re going to discover what that is and ultimately why Siobhan hates her sister so much and why Bridget is on this path of redemption and Siobhan is on this path of revenge.” The details of this incident will be revealed by the end of February sweeps.

The show will revisit the person who attempted to kill Bridget — believing she was Siobhan — in the pilot. Says Snyder, “Bridget is trying to unearth the mystery of who’s trying to kill her sister, why, and how she can stop it so she can continue to live as Siobhan and that’s something she will discover by the end of the season.”

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Meanwhile, Siobhan is on a quest for vengeance that will actually humanize her. “You’re going to see what informs her and why she’s so driven on this path of revenge, promises Charmelo.  “There are these complex shades of grey to every character and you’re going to find sides that make them redemptive and also sides that make you want to hate a character. You will actually feel pity for Siobhan which is a tough thing to do. But you will.”

Both twins will continue to pursue their complicated romances. Says Charmelo, “One of the big umbrellas is Bridget and Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) burgeoning relationship. Another umbrella is Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) and Siobhan salvaging their relationship.” So far, fans have responded more to the story of Bridget falling for her sister’s husband while pretending to be her, but Charmelo insists that Siobhan and Henry are also rootable. “The fact that this woman was willing to go to such extraordinary lengths to be with the one person she truly loved, at its core that’s what it is. It’s incredibly subversive.”

Snyder feels that the chemistry between Gellar and Gruffudd transformed  Bridget and Andrew’s relationship. “For Bridget and Andrew in the pilot, it was about lust. Then it evolved and I think as we started breaking our stories, we found there was so much room for love and sweet moments. I think the actors just brought that out and had great chemistry.”

The supporting characters will be dealing with their own twisted mysteries. Juliet (Zoey Deutch) claims she was sexually assaulted by her teacher, but she may be out for pay back because he resisted her advances. “What you think is going to happen, it will shift,” hints Snyder. “Then once you think you’ve figured out the plot, it’s going to shift again. It follows the same line as all the other stories. It is red herring upon red herring and twists and turns.” Malcolm’s (Mike Colter) story will also go in an unexpected direction when he gets a job working for Andrew. ” He’s infiltrating the circle for other reasons.”teases Charmelo.  “Malcolm is definitely not who he seems,” adds Polaha. As for FBI agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell), ” We’re going to see his back story and we’re going to see why he’s so hellbent on taking down Bodaway and we’re going to see more than just the professional side of him. What’s just driving him.”

All of the storylines will build to a violent season finale, says Charmelo. “The body count rises. It becomes a bloodbath. I think there will be more dead characters than living characters by the end of the season.”

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