‘SNL’ Featured Player Paul Brittain Departs Show

by | January 31, 2012 at 2:12 PM | Saturday Night Live

The life of a “Saturday Night Live” featured player is always a tenuous one. If you’re not being featured in sketches and the stuff you write isn’t being considered, it can be a tough time. Paul Brittain has made some headway in his season-and-a-half there, but he’s decided to pursue other opportunities, which means that he’s no longer on the late-night show, starting immediately, reports EW.com.

Brittain is probably best known for playing a creaky version of Ron Paul, as well as “Sex” Ed Vincent. He also did a pretty good James Franco impression. And, yes, we’re pretty much struggling to figure out what else he’s done. Maybe his departure will give another struggling featured player, Jay Pharoah, some more air time. And thumbs up to Brittain for getting out while the getting was good; if it wasn’t going to happen after a year and a half, his best bet was to cut his losses and go when he had the chance.