The Tuesday Buzz: Why Madonna Crawled Around in That Wedding Dress and More

by | January 31, 2012 at 9:14 AM | Super Bowl, The Buzz, The Tonight Show

With all of the late night shows back from reruns, last night was packed with big stars. But an old favorite, telling a story that’s close to three decades old, was one of the highlights.

Madonna was on “The Tonight Show” to plug her Super Bowl halftime show, her movie “W.E.” and her new album. Jay Leno brought up her infamous performance during the 1984 MTV VMAs where she crawled around in a wedding dress while singing “Like A Virgin.” It turns out that Madge had no intention of doing that, but she had lost her shoe and thought it was a good way to cover looking for it while on live TV.

Of course, 28 years later, that may be revisionist history on Madonna’s part, and the 25-year old version of her may laugh at the 53-year old version’s denials, but it was still fun hearing her tell a story we haven’t heard a hundred times before.

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