Watch: ‘Bachelor’ Ben Goes Skinny-Dipping with Courtney

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We’ve seen the promos for it all season long, but last night “The Bachelor” delivered the goods in Puerto Rico. Ben, perhaps influenced by his newly-found “Latin swagger” took it all off for a late night skinny-dipping session with Courtney.

After a long day (in which he dumped Elyse), Ben is shocked to find a bathrobed Courtney stalking waiting at his door. “I just want to do something that will refresh him…rejuvenate him,” she says in her confessional. Equipped with red wine and a boatload of confidence, she enters his hotel room, offering to draw him a bath or give him a massage. But her real goal is clear: she wants to take Ben down to the water and “get naked”! “I don’t know if he’s ever skinny-dipped with a model before,” she says to the camera. “It could be fun.”

Despite admittedly knowing better, Ben gives in to Courtney’s influence and the two stroll down to the beach, strip down, and  frolic in the waves. “I know the other girls will probably hate me when they find out,” she proclaims. “But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” (WATCH THEM TAKE A “DIP” ABOVE.)

Going into the rose ceremony the next night, Ben admits he feels “crappy” for sharing that “intimate moment” with Courtney and vows to devote more time to the other ladies in the house.

Echoing his sentiments from the episode, Ben continued to defend his decision to go nude, writing in his People blog, “If I were in Puerto Rico with a beautiful woman I was dating and she wanted to skinny dip, I would be a fool to decline. I treated this situation the same way. I will admit that at the time I wasn’t thinking of the other women and how it would make them feel, and I’m sorry for that, but I can’t blame Courtney for going out of her way to spend more time with me – that’s why we are all here.”

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