Watch: Jerry Seinfeld’s Super Bowl Ad

by | January 31, 2012 at 11:31 AM | Super Bowl, Super Bowl Commercials

Matthew Broderick isn’t the only big star with a Super Bowl ad, of course. While Honda’s “Ferris Bueller”-inspired ad is burning up YouTube, their luxury brand Acura also has an extended Super Bowl ad out, starring Jerry Seinfeld.

We all know that Seinfeld does a good job in goofy ads, like when he was promoting American Express. This time around, he finds out he’s second in line to get the new NSX, and tries to persuade the first one on the list to give up his spot. Among the things Jerry offers: some time with the Soup Nazi, a trip on his new speedboat, a personal stand-up show, and a portable holographic monkey. But another notorious car lover swoops in and gets the prize at the last second.

As much as we like the Ferris ad, we think Jerry and Acura have put together something that’s funnier and punchier, an ad that handles nostalgia with a lot more wit and less ham-handedness than the Ferris ad does. But both will be interesting to watch in their one-minute versions come Sunday night.

Watch a teaser for another fun Super Bowl ad, from Volkswagen: