Chris Rock Reveals: Who’s the Best Comedian of Them All?

Chris Rock with David Steinberg on "Inside Comedy" (Photo: Showtime)

And now, some words of comedy wisdom from one of the current masters of standup, Chris Rock, including: The one comedian who towers above all others and will never be equaled. The utterances are taken from Showtime’s new weekly series “Inside Comedy,” in which David Steinberg, the ultimate comedy-biz insider, interviews one or more top comedians each week.

Chris Rock’s episode is Thursday night (Feb. 2) at 11/10c on Showtime.

In the meantime, here’s Chris on:

How he developed his interest in comedy as a youngster: “There were kids that took apart radios. . . . I took apart jokes.”

On the comedians he admired as a lad: “I liked Cosby, but I loved Alan King.”

On Eddie Murphy: “Eddie Murphy was the first ‘young’ comedian. Before Eddie Murphy, every comedian you ever saw put on a suit and tie and tried to present themselves as a grownup. Eddie Murphy was never a grownup!”

On filling the seats: “The political stuff gets all the attention but the relationship stuff sells the tickets.”

On why Bill Cosby was and still is the best standup comedian who ever lived: “The reason I say Cosby is the best ever? Cosby’s so good no one even attempts it. Whereas, as great as Richard [Pryor] was, I do a little Richard, Eddie does a little Richard – it’s like, you could actually attempt it. Cosby is, like, you can’t even try it. . . . Every joke is so f*****’ good that it withstands the [test of time] and almost all of them would work today. You can’t say that about any other comedian!”

Next week on “Inside Comedy”: Two comedy stars in one half-hour, Steve Carell and Jane Lynch, interviewed separately.

Watch a clip from “Inside Comedy” here:
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