Donald Trump Gets Chumped in Century 21 Super Bowl Ad

by | February 3, 2012 at 2:57 PM | Celebrities, General, Super Bowl, Super Bowl Commercials, TV News


By Tim Kenneally

(TheWrap) — Donald Trump has moved on from endorsing Mitt Romney for the GOP presidential race to putting his weight behind Century 21 in a new Super Bowl ad. But the Donald’s latest collaboration takes a playful dig at the famously egocentric real-estate mogul’s negotiation skills.

In the spot, Trump goes head-to-head with a Century 21 agent — and gets bested at the negotiation table.

“Five is my final offer,” Trump bellows in his typical style.

With the deal complete, the agent informs him, “We would have taken four.”

“Then I want a do-over,” Trump grumbles.

He probably muttered the same thing to himself after last year’s White House Correspondents Dinner, too.

The Century 21 ad also features sports greats Deion Sanders and Apolo Ohno.