‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Alternative Universe: Who Is Meredith’s True Love?

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The “Grey’s Anatomy” alternative universe episode, “If/Then” was a hilarious respite from the show’s usual angst. The version of Seattle Grace that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) imagined would exist if Chief Weber (James Pickens Jr.) had left his wife for Ellis (Kate Burton) turned out to be a lot more fun than the real thing.

AlternaMeredith wore pink and smiled all the time. She really was infinitely more likable than the morose, self-destructive Meredith we somehow fell in love with back when the show premiered.  So who was the true love of this bizarro happy Meredith? She started the episode newly engaged to Alex (Justin Chambers), who was now an equally prepped out brown noser. But it turned out that there were cracks in their seemingly perfect relationship. Alex was cheating on her with her alterna-BFF April (Sarah Drew).

Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was still unhappily married to a pregnant Addison (Kate Walsh). He felt obligated to turn down a clinical trial for the sake of the baby. Due to what was undoubtedly some advanced CGI technology, AlternaDerek was not hot.

Everyone shunned Christina both because she had ridiculous flat ironed hair and because of her relationship with Burke. In bizarro Seattle Grace, it’s taboo for residents to date attendings. That would make for a boring show.

Over the course of the hour, destiny took over. All of the mismatched couples found themselves drawn to their true loves. Yes, that’s right. Meredith and Christina got together, bonding as they performed cardiac surgery together, then cracked open a druggie Lexie’s (Chyler Leigh) chest after she overdosed on drugs. MerTina are meant to be. Okay, Meredith also ended up doing some flirting with Derek, after he learned that Mark was the actual father of Addison’s baby. But press play and watch Christina and Meredith doing shots before she starts chatting up Derek. Who seems more like her true love?

Other highlights:

  • AlternaMeredith got Izzie fired for tampering with Denny’s LVAC. At AltneraSeattle Grace, going insane is known as “pulling and Izzie.” The odds of Katherine Heigl returning to the show, as she recently stated she would be open to doing, seem slim.
  • George disappeared after he flunked his boards.
  • Meredith and Lexie have never met, and, even after she treats her, Meredith does not learn that she is her sister.
  • Owen still has PTSD. He punches a hole in a window. Christina treats him and agrees not to tell Callie, just like she kept quiet about Burke’s problems with his hand.
  • Ellis is a huge bitch who treats everyone like dirt, especially shy Bailey (Chandra Wilson) who she ultimately fires.  She even implies that Meredith was a slacker because she took a night off work to celebrate her engagement.
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