Late Night Laughs: Fallon, Kimmel & O’Brien Target the Super Bowl

Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

The Super Bowl has, of course, long been a staple for television audiences. But the people who may have the most fun with it are the comedians. Here’s a roundup of clips from the late-night crew taking on the big game.

Jimmy Fallon has been is in Indianapolis for much of the week, taking “Late Night” on the road for the first time, and he is making the most of the opportunity with skits that range from “Real Housewives of Late Night in Indianapolis” to a pigskin battle between Drew Brees and Taylor Lautner. But the clip that may strike the tender hearts of sports fans everywhere is one that uses NFL greats Tony Gonzalez and Jerry Rice to reenact a classic scene from “Jerry Maguire“… and it isn’t the “Show Me the Money” clip.

[iframe–Jerry-Maguire–Reenactment/embed 580 476]

Over on “Conan,” O’Brien tapped the talents of his show’s prop master, Bill Tull, to give fans some easy tricks for a low-cost Super Bowl experience, with tips to get guacamole, New England clam chowder, Super Bowl chili and a big screen TV for little money down, all by using the Bill Tull method.

[iframe 580 476]

But the comedian who may make the biggest impact after the game could be Jimmy Kimmel, who continues to find audiences willing to conduct experiments at his request. After forging a gold mine of laughs at kids’ expense by challenging viewers to trick their children into thinking that the parents had eaten all of their Halloween candy or by giving them a “crappy” Christmas gift, Kimmel now turns his focus to the adults. Kimmel issued a challenge to viewers to pull the TV plug just before a key moment of the Super Bowl and send the video in to the show.

Watch his challenge here…

[iframe 580 476]

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