‘Vampire Diaries’: The Mysterious Coffin Finally Opens

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Who says vampires don’t  have family values? This week’s episode of “Vampire Diaries,” “Bringing Out The Dead” was shocking, poignant, and revelatory. It’s all about family, biological or otherwise.

The Originals and The Salvatores

Elijah (Daniel Gilles), newly undaggered, beats the hell out of Klaus (Joseph Morgan), because he’s not over that whole being locked in a coffin for a year. Klaus promises that if Elijah helps him destroy Stefan (Paul Wesley), he will undagger the rest of their siblings and their family will be whole again.

However, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) left a thoughtful note in Elijah’s pocket just before he woke him up. So Elijah is quite willing to hear him out. Damon wants Elijah to help him take down Klaus with whatever weapon is in the remaining locked coffin. Klaus invites the Salvatore brother over for an elegant dinner party. The menu consists of sexy waitresses.  There are many witty barbs exchanged. Klaus tells them about the originator of the Petrova line, Tatia. Klaus and Elijah both loved her. Their mother killed her and had them drink their blood to turn them into vampires.  This means that A) Nina Dobrev is going to get yet another character to play and B) perhaps the reason that various sets of brothers keep falling for Petrovas is related to the original spell. Klaus points out that each of them think they can protect Elena, and they are the biggest threat to her. He suggests Elena pair off with Matt, and have kids which will be dopplegangers. He will keep watch over her. Stefan turns down the deal. Klaus orders Damon to bring the coffin before he burns Stefan alive.  So Damon and Elijah go to get it, but actually undagger the rest of the original siblings. Cole and Fonton and Rebekah attack Klaus. They plan to abandon him once Rebekah kills Elena. It’s one big happy family.

The Bennetts

Bonnie (Kat Graham) and her mom (Persia White) work together to open the coffin. Bonnie’s mother shows her an unbinding spell in a book that requires two generations. It seemingly doesn’t work because her mother won’t open herself to the possibility of getting in touch with her powers. Bonnie tells her she used to pretend she was dead because it was easier than acknowledging her abandonment. Bonnie walks away and the coffin falls open. When the Salvatores arrive, they are both unconscious and the coffin is empty.

That’s because the coffin’s occupant, the Original Witch, has headed straight for Klaus and the gang. She proclaims that she forgives Klaus and wants them all to be a family again.

The Forbes

Caroline’s (Candice Accola) father is stabbed at the hospital, presumably by the same person that killed the coroner. He’s protected because he was treated with vampire blood when Tyler attacked him, but he refuses to feed and transition into being a vampire, even though it means he will die. Caroline stays with her dad as he grows weaker. It’s a real tear jerker as he finally tells her that she is good even though she is a vampire. Now every single teen on the show is missing at least one parent.

The Gilberts

Sheriff Forbes tells Elena her fingerprints were on the stake that killed the coroner. Matt (Zach Roerig) walks Elena home after he comforts Caroline about her father. They have another mini bonding moment about all the people that they have lost. All the lights are out at Elena’s place. They find a trail of blood which leads to a stabbed Ric (Matt Davis). He asks Elena to kill him with a supernatural death. Elena exposits that since she’s the doppleganger it counts, which seems like a little bit of cheating, but okay. She pulls out the knife then stabs Ric again. It takes him a long time to wake up. Elena is scared she will lose someone else she considers family. Matt holds her. Maybe Klaus is on to something about the two of them. Ric realizes that his weapons were used in both human attacks. The evidence points to Meredith (Torrey Devito). But she has an alibi. Ric finally wakes up. The question remains: who is attacking the members of the Founders Council?

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