Piers Morgan Slams Madonna in Epic Twitter Tirade

Madonna performs at the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Madonna‘s Super Bowl halftime extravaganza saw an outpouring of praise from fans and critics alike. (Our own Roy Trakin called it a “win-win” outing.) But Her Madgesty had at least one detractor in Piers Morgan.

“First time I’ve wanted a #Superbowl half-time performance NOT to suffer a wardrobe malfunction,” Morgan tweeted Sunday night in the first of numerous anti-Madonna messages that spanned the 53-year-old singer’s entire 12-minute performance.

“Half Time show. This could be like watching ur grandmother lip syncing in her knickers and bra. I shudder at the thought,” Morgan wrote before Madonna’s introduction.

Of course, this wasn’t just your average criticism. Piers has a longstanding beef with Madonna. After declaring that he’d never have her as a guest on “Piers Morgan Tonight” in January of 2011, he told critics at a CNN TCA session that the pop queen has been “an irritant in my life for 20 years.” He later explained his Madonna-loathing to “Access Hollywood’sBilly Bush. “Madonna and I, we’ve never really seen eye-to-eye,” he said. “There was a bread roll throwing incident in London in the mid ‘90s; there was an incident at a hotel in the south of France [at] the Cannes Film Festival involving a photographer and a bodyguard; there’s been an incident involving a pub owned by her recently departed husband, Guy Ritchie, where my brother was the manager.” Morgan also cited Madonna’s worst offense. “Madonna’s publicist once said to me, ‘Listen to me, Madonna is not pregnant,’ when I was running a newspaper. And I said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘Listen to me, Piers. Madonna is not pregnant.’ “The next day, they announced [the news] on a rival newspaper’s website,” Morgan continued. “There’s a series of crimes.”

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Needless to say, Morgan still holds a grudge.

“Yuk. Just put it away Madonna. Seriously,” Morgan wrote as Madonna danced. Moments later: “Memo to my Grandmother – don’t even THINK of doing cartwheels.”

It went on.

“Somebody. Stop. Her. My toes are actually curling,” he tweeted. Then, during her performance of “Give Me All Your Luvin”: “What on earth is she singing now? Sounds like a Belgium nightclub cabaret act.

“If someone did this on America’s Got Talent, they’d be laughed (and buzzed) off stage. Truly diabolical,” he continued. “And now the marching band? OMG…..”

Then came a lip syncing question: “Has Madonna sung a real note yet, or is this whole fiasco lip-synched?”

Finally, the piece de resistance. “I feel nauseous. Is she done?”

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