‘Castle’: Were Castle and Beckett Lovers During the 1940s?

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Castle and Beckett kissed and declared their love in this week’s episode of “Castle,” “The Blue Butterfly.” Well, that’s what happened in Castle’s vivid imagination. Technically,  it was not really Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic).  It was two characters from the 1940s who Castle imagined were their dopplegangers. It was a smart, charming, whimsical way to show Castle and Beckett as a couple without actually advancing their storyline in any way.

The case of the week concerned a body found in a long abandoned bar. The corpse was a man named Stan who quit his job to search for a million dollar necklace, that was yes, shaped like a blue butterfly, that disappeared during the 1940s. His death seemed linked to the deaths of  two unsolved homicides from the same era. He found out about the bar from an old Private Investigator’s diary. The P.I. must have been a big Dashiell Hammett fan, because all of the prose in his diary read like a rough draft of the Maltese Falcon. Castle imagines that he, Beckett and the rest of the precinct are the people in the diary. Both Fillion and Katic look great in 1940s clothes. Tamala Jones (Lanie) was a revelation as a sultry nightclub singer. The coroner has quite the set of pipes.

After being hired to track Vera down by her country bumpkin sister Sally (Molly Quinn – Alexis) , Joe falls in love with Vera at first sight. It’s the Caskett everyone has been dying to see. In the present, Castle and Beckett conclude that Vera and Joe are the people who die during the 1940s.

The typically convoluted storyline leads to the club’s former bartender, now an elderly man. It turns out that he and his wife are actually Joe and Vera. They killed the mob boss and his ex-girlfriend’s daughter in self-defense then created new identities, living a long, law abiding life together. Beckett, normally a stickler for the letter of the law, decides to accept their claim of self-defense. It’s pretty clear that she, like Castle, identifies with Joe and Vera’s love story. The episode ends with Castle-Joe and Beckett-Vera kissing passionately. The question remains: how long until they do it for real in 2012? Until then, satiate your shipper needs by watching the clip of their kiss afain and again,

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