‘RHOBH’: ‘Angry Spice’ Brandi Holds Her Own

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For a lot of reasons, part two of the reunion for “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” could have been subtitled “The Brandi Glanville Show,” because the newest housewife was a big part of just about all the arguments in this phase of the reunion. But, like her or hate her, you have to give Brandi some credit: she’s even tougher than how the show depicted her during the season, and more than held her own with this very difficult group of women.

How are they difficult? They all claim to be close to each other, but you’d never know it by watching this reunion. Adrienne Maloof has been spending the entire time shooting dirty looks to her “friend” Lisa Vanderpump. Kyle Richards has a snide streak to her that can cut you like a knife if you’re vulnerable to it; the contemptuous look on her face as she called Brandi “Angry Spice” would have taken down a weaker person (like Taylor Armstrong… more on her in a bit). Lisa is just tough, not afraid to say to your face what everyone else is saying behind your back.

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But Brandi had no problem digging in and fighting back. It’s probably because she’s comfortable in her own crazy skin, and owns up to her off-kilter behavior. When Taylor mentioned on camera that she slashed the tires of her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian‘s motorcycle, she didn’t deny it. In fact, she laughed it off as she owned up to it, telling Andy Cohen and the girls that “I told Eddie not to drive it” after doing the deed.

She didn’t try to deny that she looked idiotic on camera a few times during the season, either, especially when she took a Xanax on the plane to Hawaii and couldn’t put three words together as she swilled cocktails at the hotel.

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Brandi also wasn’t afraid to toss her “buddy” Adrienne under the steamroller, outing her as someone who yaps about Lisa behind her back. She then went on to accuse her Maloof-ness of being a bad, uncommunicative friend. Meanwhile, she and Lisa have apparently become best buds. Friendship is such a transitory thing with these women, isn’t it?

Not that Brandi didn’t tread dangerous ground last night. She challenged Taylor’s timing on the release of her memoir, saying she only waited a “hot minute” after Russell‘s suicide before releasing it. Taylor, for her part, had a good defense: the sooner she releases the book, the more victims of domestic violence she can help.

Then Brandi almost seemed like she was taking the late Russell’s side in the whole e-mail fiasco, believing him when he told her that Taylor encouraged him to send the threatening message to Camille Grammer and wouldn’t think of doing that to the soon-to-be-Ms.-Donatacci. Taylor scoffed at that, claiming that Russell was a “master manipulator.”

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The whole exchange between the two, with a not-so-helpful assist from Kyle, was uncomfortable to watch, to say the least, but it was as raw and fascinating as anything we’ve seen on a “Housewives” reunion. Should Brandi have gone there? Probably not. But, again, she didn’t back down, either.

Most of the other goings-on in this hour paled in comparison to the Brandi Show, but we did get a look at Camille’s new boyfriend, who’s a bit younger than she is — take that, Kelsey! — and she did respond to Kelsey talking about the “romantic” story of how he met his current wife… while he was still married to Camille. Let’s just say she’s taking the high road for the most part, just like she’s done the entire season.

Next week: Dana Wilkey and her sunglasses, the big interview with Kim Richards about her rehab, and the husbands hit the couch. Should be fun.

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