‘The Bachelor’: Casey S. Busted by Chris, Booted by Ben

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Despite Courtney’s best attempts at being the Most. Dramatic. Contestant. Ever on “The Bachelor,” another girl gave the “aggressive” model a run for her money in Monday’s episode.

No more will there be two Casey/Kacie’s duking it out for Ben’s affection after the former was pulled aside by Chris Harrison to discuss something super serious. According to Chris, producers had been contacted by several sources claiming Casey S. still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend Michael. In fact, Michael himself told Chris that the duo are still an item, and had been “practically living together” right before she left to film “The Bachelor.” (Watch the confrontation above.)

Flabbergasted by the words coming out of Chris’ mouth, Casey tried to explain the situation. “I was completely in love with him,” she said. “He told me from day one that he didn’t know if marriage was for him. Marriage is one thing I’m not willing to compromise on.” So she tried her best to put Michael out of her mind and pursued other options (i.e. a reality dating competition). But despite her best efforts, apparently Casey was still holding out hope that Michael would change.

Upon hearing the confirmation, Chris took the barefoot blonde to Ben’s room to confess. “I think that I’m not completely over [Michael],” she admitted. Ben’s response? The boot (which doesn’t seem terribly fair considering how many people Ben himself has feelings for). “I wish you would have been a bit more honest with me earlier on,” he said, clearly unsettled. “I sent other girls home who really wanted to be here.” Ultimately, Ben concluded, “The heart wants what the heart wants…And I think you should go home.”

Reduced to the ugly cry out in the hallway, Casey took consolation in the form of a hug from Chris. “You didn’t come here to deceive anybody,” he said. “You were just trying to find love.”

Watch Below to See Who Else Was Eliminated Monday Night:

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