What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

'The Simpsons' (Fox)

Tuesday February 14:

Cougar Town‘ (8:30pm ET on ABC) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Jules is miffed when Grayson (who has an ulterior motive) calls her “predictable”; Ellie frets that little Stan is turning into a “devil child,” or even worse, could grow up to be like Laurie; and Travis likes his new off campus housing, until Bobby tries to convince him to take dog Travis in, on the third season premiere.

New Girl‘ (9pm ET on Fox) **Valentine’s Day Episode** Record Now

Single for the first time on Valentine’s Day, Jess convinces Schmidt to be her wingman as she attempts to have an attachment-free fling with a handsome stranger (guest star Ryan Kwanten). Nick’s romantic plans are foiled when he finds himself spending more time with Julia’s (guest star Lizzy Caplan) law firm assistant (guest star Clark Duke) than with her.

Top Gear‘ (9pm on History) **Season Premiere** Record Now

This season, Tanner, Adam and Rutledge take things to a new, thrilling and customarily ridiculous level. They pit the ultimate off-roader against an Air Boat through the Louisiana swamps, race the new Porsche 911 GTR2 at night through the streets of downtown Los Angeles, find out whether a Subaru STI or a dirt bike is the best way to escape a ghost town and set the 2011 Corvette ZR1 against the Ferrari 458 to determine if it has what it takes to be a supercar.

The Ring Leader‘ (7pm on Bravo) **Special** Record Now

‘The Ring Leader’ follows larger than life wedding planner, Kristin Banta, whose out-of-the-box style is revolutionizing the way couples look at their special day.   As founder of Kristin Banta Events, she brings her wedding expertise to the forefront making each and every one of her client’s weddings into a must see spectacular event. Whether hanging chandeliers from trees, setting up an art installation or mounting a 100 foot tall wedding cake, Banta’s weddings are anything but the norm.  In this one-hour special, Banta plans the ultimate wedding for Sarah and Michael, high school classmates who reconnect after a number of years. Despite a life altering accident that left Michael paralyzed from the waist down in his teens, there is nothing that will stop this daring, adventurous couple from putting on a wedding that will be remembered forever.

Top Shot‘ (10pm on History) **Season Premiere** Record Now

The hit competition series will be fully loaded with more twists and history-inspired challenges than ever before in its 4th season. The 18 competitors vying for the Top Shot title represent the broadest range of shooting backgrounds ever featured on the series.

Wednesday February 15:

Survivor: One World‘ (8pm ET on CBS) **Season Premiere** Record Now

‘Survivor: One World’ pushes the game to its limits, forcing the two competing tribes to share one beach. The castaways must fight the elements, adapt to their new surroundings and vie against each other to stay in the game or be voted out by their peers, all while living together on the same beach.

Friday February 17:

The 43rd NAACP Image Awards‘ (8pm ET on NBC) **Special** Record Now

“The 43rd NAACP Image Awards,” a live, two-hour special, will showcase the best achievements and performances of people of color in the arts featuring a star-studded lineup of performers, winners and presenters. Founded on February 12, 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its one-half million adult and youth members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, and monitor equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.

Sunday February 19:

The Amazing Race‘ (8pm ET on CBS) **Season Premiere** Record Now

This season, which marks the 20th sprint around the globe for the series, will make first time visits to Paraguay, Azerbaijan and other exotic locations. Along the way, teams will travel through five continents, 22 cities and nearly 40,000 miles.

Jerseylicious‘ (8pm on Style) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Off the heels of its most-watched season to-date, it’s never business as usual when it comes to teased hair, tight-fitting animal prints and now, competing salons on the season four premiere of ‘Jerseylicious.’

The Simpsons‘ (8pm ET on Fox) **500th Episode** Record Now

The Simpsons are evicted from Springfield and join an off-the-grid community outside of town. But when Homer and Marge try to sneak back into Springfield, they are welcomed with hostility from their former friends and neighbors and begin to appreciate their new and more accepting home in the milestone 500th episode.

The Celebrity Apprentice‘ (9pm ET on NBC) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Donald Trump tasks 18 new Celebrities to create and sell deli sandwiches in a fundraising competition for charity. Due to a tragic accident, the men start with a man down, while the women’s Project Manager puts everything on the line to win. Fundraising on both teams sets new records, but only one Project Manager will take it all.

Pan Am‘ (10pm ET on ABC) **Season Finale** Record Now

Life has changed on a dime for the crew of Pan Am. Since President Kennedy’s assassination and as New Year’s Eve approaches for the start of 1964, everyone’s lives are hurtling towards new starts: Colette is caught up in a whirlwind courtship with a foreign prince, and Dean is still kicking himself over losing her; Amanda and Ted’s wedding plans are racing forward, thrilling his family, but making him more nervous by the day.

Eastbound and Down‘ (10pm on HBO) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Starring Danny McBride and executive produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Chris Henchy, Jody Hill and Danny McBride, this comedy series tells the story of a star pitcher whose self-destructive behavior knocks him out of major league baseball, leaving him broke, delusional and desperate to regain his former glory.

Khloe & Lamar‘ (10pm on E!) **Season Premiere** Record Now

This season, Khloe and Lamar’s devotion is put to the test when Lamar is suddenly traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks, forcing the couple to pick up their lives and start fresh in the Lone Star state. Khloé’s been a California girl all her life, so the adjustment is sure to be one of her greatest challenges yet, and one that will be a shock to the entire Kardashian family dynamic.

Ice Loves Coco‘ (10:30pm on E!) **Season Premiere** Record Now

This season the fun couple take off to exotic locations, share a trailer when Coco makes an appearance on Ice’s hit show ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’ and due to their demanding careers, face spending time apart for their first time in their marriage.

Life’s Too Short‘ (10:30pm on HBO) **Series Premiere** Record Now


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