Why Didn’t ‘Housewife’ Report Abuse? Armstrong Explains…

Taylor Armstrong (Bravo)

Taylor Armstrong, cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” continued her media tour to promote the show as well as her new book, “Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within,” which was published this week.

The book details the struggles Armstrong endured in recent years, from her alleged domestic abuse to the suicide of her late husband Russell. Armstrong has received some backlash for recounting these stories less than a year after his death, and some of Russell’s family members have cast doubt on her claims.

So when she appeared on “Access Hollywood Live,” Armstrong was quickly asked about her sister-in-law’s assertions that something didn’t add up, since the police were never involved and there were no records of her calling for help from authorities.

“100% true. Never called the police, never was a 911 call,” she explained. “I did turn to my friends a lot, crying and in turn pulled them into the whole cycle which I have regrets about as well. But I was just reaching out for help and I recognize from watching the show what that did to them over the course of time.

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“But 80% of women do not report, which is a big problem. I’m hoping to raise awareness for that in the book. It’s scary to report because here’s how it would go… Russell would go to jail, he wouldn’t be able to have an income anymore. Then I would have to be stuck, as I am now, with all of this financial responsibility that would be left on me. He would tell me that if he went to jail, his career would be destroyed forever. I loved him, I loved him through this whole experience. I didn’t want him to go to jail.”

When asked what her advice would be to women also suffering abuse, she said they needed to do the opposite of what she did.

“You need to report,” she said. “You see the end result here because I didn’t. This could have been much more dangerous than it was.”

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Armstrong’s media tour has hit a bevy of possible outlets in recent days, chatting with Dr. Drew earlier tonight as well as recent stops on “The View” and “Today.”

Here’s a clip…

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