Xfinity TV Guest Editor Emilio Estevez Picks His Favorite Movies

Emilio Estevez on the set of The Way. (Arc Ent.)

(Editor’s Note: Actor, writer and director Emilio Estevez’s latest movie, “The Way,” is now available on XFINITY On Demand, including a 10 minute preview guaranteed to lure you into the entire movie. Entertainment Weekly said there’s “a contemplative loveliness to ‘The Way.’” And Estevez recently told us, “I have been overwhelmed by people saying thank you for making this film.” As you might expect, the Hollywood veteran is also a film buff, and so we asked him to guest edit a row on the homepage. He selected a dozen of his favorite movies, all listed below. Even better, Xfinity TV subscribers can click the links and watch the movies instantly.)

1. THE WAY – Martin Sheen giving the performance of his career! Click here to watch a preview.

2. BORN ON THE 4TH OF JULY – Tom Cruise should have been the one putting an Oscar on his mantle for this harrowing and brave performance. He nailed every nuance. Put this one in a time capsule. Click here to watch this movie.

3. RONIN – One of the great car chases ever committed to film. No CGI? No problem. Click here to watch this movie.

4. THE RIGHT STUFF – Real Men doing “Real Men Things” on film. Current crop of metrosexual actors need not apply! Pop this one in the DVD player, shut up and prepare to be schooled, Junior. Click here to watch this movie.

5. SOYLENT GREEN – That place in the film universe where “conspiracy” meets “ecology.” But be sure to read the ingredients label. Click here to watch this movie.

6. UNDER FIRE – Nick Notle, Gene Hackman and Ed Harris in the same film? Need I say more? Watch it and be blown away by every aspect of this 80’s gem. Click here to watch this movie.

7. BANANAS – I challenge you to watch this and NOT find yourself quoting from it the rest of your life. Thank you, Mr. Allen. Click here to watch this movie.

8. TRADING PLACES – Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd at their best! The jokes stand the test of time. Check out Paul Gleason pre “Breakfast Club.” Click here to watch this movie.

9. THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT – Watching this film makes you wish the people in Washington really were this smart! Aaron Sorkin for President. Click here to watch this movie.

10. AN AMERICAN TAIL – Because I cannot ever look at a full moon again and not think about THAT SONG. Click here to watch this movie.

11. PLATOON – Hard to watch this one without weeping like a baby. Brother Charlie woefully overlooked by the Oscar voters that year. Wasn’t even nominated! Not only should he have been in the mix – he should have won it, man. Click here to watch this movie.

12. GOING IN STYLE – From a time when Hollywood used to care about making movies for grown ups! Click here to watch this movie.

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