Top Five: Special Post-Super Bowl Edition

It’s been almost a week since the Super Bowl, and yet, this Top Five can’t forget the big game and its aftermath.

And why not? A telecast drawing 111 million viewers doesn’t happen everyday, and a juggernaut like that is bound to produce spillover TV moments in the ensuing days. That’s why this Top Five has that post-Super Bowl feel!

What are we talking about? Just this:

1) “Smash” hit? Well, that all depends on what happens next: NBC spent a ton of money — up to $25 million, according to some estimates (such as this New York Post story) to promote the debut this past Monday of its new Broadway drama “Smash.” And part of that budget included valuable commercial time during its own Super Bowl telecast last Sunday. The result: 11.5 million viewers Monday — not bad, but not great either. The real test: Episode 2, which will air Monday (10/9c) without a Super Bowl-sized push the night before. Meanwhile, if you missed the premiere of “Smash,” we have it available for you to watch anytime.

Watch the premiere episode of “Smash” right here:
[iframe 580 476]

2) Interview with a champion: We don’t usually praise the late-night shows for their interview segments, but David Letterman’s sitdown Monday night on his “Late Show” with Giants QB Eli Manning was just a great, informative interview in which Eli explained, from his ultra-insider’s perspective, some of the finer points of the Super Bowl game. We have just a short excerpt here, though there are probably others on

Watch Eli Manning explain Ahmad Bradshaw’s “accidental” touchdown here:
[iframe—Super-Bowl-MVP-Eli-Manning/embed 580 476]

3) Another Kimmel YouTube Challenge: Jimmy Kimmel once again took comedy to the outer edge with a new “YouTube Challenge” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” This one did not have parents withholding Halloween candy or Christmas gifts from their children. In fact, this one was a lot more harrowing than those because instead of children throwing tantrums, this one had grownups throwing them. The bit: Late last week, Kimmel asked viewers to unplug their televisions at key moments during the Super Bowl and then videotape the reactions of the other people in the room. The results weren’t pretty.

Watch this clip here:
[iframe 580 476]

4) Go ahead, make my day: Clint Eastwood’s now-infamous Super Bowl ad, produced by Chrysler and praising the never-say-die American spirit, was picked by many as the best of the super-ads on Super Bowl Sunday. It also happened to be the one ad out of all of them that “enjoyed” a second life as part of the news cycle for several days afterward. The reason: Some Republicans criticized Clint for subliminally supporting a second four-year term for President Obama because of the commercial’s “It’s halftime in America” message. Our reaction: Clint Eastwood? For Obama? Somehow, we just don’t think so. And we still love this ad.

Watch this great commercial here:
[iframe 580 476]

5) Meanwhile, back in the real world: “NCIS,” a normal, everyday TV drama that had nothing to do with the Super Bowl, drew just shy of 21 million viewers Tuesday night at 8/7c on CBS. Week after week, this show packs ’em in. And you can watch this week’s show — which will be the week’s highest-rated network show when the ratings are tallied next week — right here.

Here it is — this week’s “NCIS,” courtesy of CBS:
[iframe—Life-Before-His-Eyes/embed 580 476]
[iframe 600 180]
The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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