‘Revenge’: Who’s Doomed at Emily and Daniel’s Engagement Party?

Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe on Revenge (ABC)

Revenge” fans have been anticipating the Fire and Ice party, in celebration of Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) engagement, since glimpses of it were shown in the pilot. It appeared that Daniel was shot, perhaps fatally. The questions were, who pulled the trigger – and why? On Monday, ABC screened the episode (“Chaos”) for the press. “Chaos” is shrouded in so much secrecy that all attendees had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This much can be revealed of Wednesday night’s episode: every moment shown in the pilot actually does happen, but in a completely different context than viewers will expect. Multiple characters whose storylines seemed to have concluded return. There was also a scene that made a room full of jaded journalists burst into applause.

After the screening, several cast members previewed how the events that unfold at the Fire and Ice party will impact their characters. As an added bonus, Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) wardrobe and his surprisingly PG rated sex scenes with Tyler (Ashton Holmes) are explained.

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Poor, noble Jack crashed the Grayson’s dinner party to reveal to everyone that Charlotte was David Clarke’s daughter. Now he’s making a logical move after crossing the most powerful family in the Hamptons. “He makes a decision to make a change of scenery because things have not been going well for him,” says Nick Weschler. However, Jack never seems to make it out of Montauk. “He’s thrown himself into protecting those that he loves. So he’s not able to do what he intended to do, which is leave.”  Press play to learn where Jack is headed.

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Does Daniel die on the beach while wearing a white tuxedo? Josh Bowman teases, “You’ll literally see fireworks. You get to see someone die. It may be me or it may not be me. Leading up to that, Daniel’s getting engaged. You’re going to see some blood on someone’s hands.” Bowman was thrilled to watch “Chaos” with an audience. “It looked like a movie. It kept everyone guessing right until the end. ” Watch the clip to see how Emily and Daniel accessorize for their engagement party.

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Charlotte seemed like an innocent teen, frolicking on the beach, in the pilot.  How does she end up there after learning devastating news about her paternity? Well, she may be doing a little self-medicating, as well as some bonding with her long lost sister. “You’ll see at the Fire and Ice party that Emily and Charlotte come together in a very strange way and and that sets the path Charlotte is going to be on for a while as far as dealing with everything that her family is putting her through,” explains Christa B. Allen. Click on the clip to see how Charlotte copes with her problems.


Declan reveals himself to be more than just the embodiment of the Montauk accent, when he helps Charlotte deal with her family problems in a surprisingly mature way.  “Declan does exactly what we saw him do in Episode 1,” Connor Paolo explains. “I would say at the end of Episode 14 why anyone would even show up to that [engagement] party is probably a mystery, especially why he and Charlotte would be there, and why they’d be smiling after what happened. Last time we saw them, they were at the bar drinking tequila and crying. Now you’re about to see the reasons behind certain things.”


Nolan is the only man who wears red to the Fire and Ice party. According to Gabriel Mann, he’s not just being fashion forward. “He had to. I mean, there’s always going to be something in his physical expressions, the way he puts himself together, that speaks directly to his feelings about the world around him. That does change with some subtlety, scene by scene, but there’s always a reason behind it. He smells blood. He’s not approving of this wedding and that’s very succinctly the way he decides to put it.”  In addition to letting his blazer make a statement, Nolan will too. “Nolan continues to dance to his own drummer. His allegiance has always been to Emily. But, as with anything on ‘Revenge,’ it will be tested and tested again.”

As for Nolan’s infamous revelation that he is a three on the Kinsey scale, Mann relishes playing network television’s only male bisexual. “It fits in perfectly with the rest of his character because it allows the possibility for anything to happen. I’m thrilled that I got the opportunity to play this character.”  The otherwise edgy show opted not to show much of Nolan’s tryst with Tyler. But Mann is willing to go as far as standards and practices will allow. “I’m down for giving people whatever they want. If people wanted more, I’d love to give the unedited version of ‘Revenge’ when the DVD comes out. For people that didn’t, that’s all good too. I’m really happy to support anybody’s desire to see more. The beauty of the show is the longer it runs, the more opportunity we have to go there.”

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