‘RHOBH’: Reunion Concludes with Kim and Kyle’s Relationship (Sort Of) Restored

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It’s always something with Kim and Kyle Richards, and the conclusion of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion showed that, no matter how good things are between the sisters, there will always be something one will do to tick off the other.

The last half of the reunion finale was dedicated to Andy Cohen catching up with Kim Richards, who didn’t get out of rehab until the day after the reunion was taped. Kim seemed better, though she’s still on plenty of anti-anxiety medication. But she’s not drinking anymore, and she thinks the third time in rehab will be the charm, mainly because she willingly went this time around.

And it seems that she and Kyle have patched things up, as well, though things are still rough between them in a few places. The Hawaii mess was still in dispute, as Kim just doesn’t understand why Kyle and her husband Mauricio Umansky were so upset over her being late to the fun. And when Kim made an offhanded joke about what she goes through being Kyle’s older sister, Kyle took exception to that, citing how much Kim and her alcoholism has put her through.

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For the most part, though, the Kim-Kyle drama was kept to a minimum, because Kyle feels like she got the “Kim I know” back. Even Kim couldn’t recognize herself, and couldn’t sit through the footage of her and her then-boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld on their way to the opening of Lisa Vanderpump‘s new restaurant, SUR. Speaking of Ken, Kim admitted that they’re through and she’s ready to move once again. She even admitted that Kyle might have been right about the lug, something that was tough for her to do.

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The rest of the reunion finale consisted of more stories about Taylor Armstrong‘s alleged abuse at the hands of Russell, along with some inkling by Taylor that she doesn’t quite believe that Russell did himself in. She also talked about why she finally left; she implied that Russell basically broke her eye socket.

But the most unbelievable story was about Russell not only attacking her, but some friends of theirs who offered her help. Why didn’t they press charges? Because Taylor asked them not to, fearing for what might happen to her and her daughter if Russell went to prison. Sadly, that kind of behavior is par for the course for someone that went through that kind of abuse. Brandi Glanville, for some reason, wasn’t sold on Taylor’s accusations, as the clip at the top of this recap shows.

We got some play from the husbands, including Paul Nassif — who Taylor calls the “seventh Housewife” — and his bromance for Mauricio. Finally, we got a few minutes with Dana Wilkey, who got nowhere near the reunion screen time the pot-stirring Brandi did. Is that an indication of who will be in the cast for season three?

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Dana/Pam’s story about the way she grew up — split between the worlds of dirt poor and super rich — explains some of her bragging behavior, where she bragged about her designer duds and $25,000 sunglasses. But the overall impression of Dana/Pam is that she’s a complete goof who doesn’t even take herself seriously. Entertaining at parties, sure, but not quite as good for the dynamic of the back-stabbing “Housewives” cast, which is why she’ll remain a “friend of the Housewives” next year.

Thus ends the controversial second season of “RHOBH”… or does it? There’s a lost footage episode on Thursday, which can sometimes be boring, but sometimes can have more interesting stuff than the reunion. Let’s hope it’s the latter, because seeing these women end all lovey-dovey isn’t what we signed up for, is it?

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