‘Talk’ Co-Host Sheryl Underwood Reveals Personal Alcohol Battle

Sheryl Underwood on The Talk (CBS)

The biggest topic of conversation right on TV, in magazines, and online is the untimely passing of Whitney Houston on Saturday at age 48. While the ugly reality of the star’s early death is starting to kick in for some members of the entertainment industry, the women of “The Talk” may not have prepared themselves for was the surprising disclosure a conversation about Houston’s tragic end brought about.

The show’s hosts, who regularly open up about their personal lives, were having a candid discussion about Houston’s alleged drug-related death, when Sheryl Underwood suggested that Houston’s demons might have lost out if the singer was supported in her recovery by her inner circle.

“I don’t think you can save someone from their own addiction,” countered host Sara Gilbert.

“You can’t save them, but here’s the thing: we’re not talking about [being] saved. I’m going to tell you something that I rarely talk about. This is my 19th week with no alcohol. None.”

“But you weren’t addicted,” remarked Julie Chen.

“I can’t say I wasn’t,” replied Underwood. “I had a nice little cocktail with everything. And if I had not decided that I didn’t want to do that anymore, I’d probably be having champagne with my [Valentine’s Day] chocolate‚Ķ People loved me enough and people supported me and said, ‘I know what you want to do and I’m going to help you.'”

“I don’t know if I was an addict or not. All I know is I would consistently drink. All I know is my doctors told me, ‘Stop or this is going to happen [to you].'”

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