The Tuesday Buzz: Jimmy Kimmel Returns Fire at Jay Leno and More

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We know it’s been a couple of years since the Second Late Night War exploded, but by now Jay Leno should know not to mess with Jimmy Kimmel, even in Jay’s usual mild, joshing way.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, Kimmel got wind that Jay used him as the butt of a joke in a “Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions” bit, suggesting to the audience that Kimmel wears a dyed toupee, and he shot back at Jay the best way he knows how — by making fun of how lame Jay’s monologue is. In his understated but hilarious Leno voice, he told some typical Jay jokes about the Grammys, and even ordered his bandleader, Cleto Escobedo III, to hoot and holler at the joke like Jay’s bandleader, Rickey Minor, does.

One problem: Once Jimmy got into Jay mode, it was hard for him to get out of it.

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