‘Parenthood’: Is Amber The Next Monica Lewinsky?

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Dating your boss is always a bad idea. Dating your politician boss is an even worse idea. So of course Amber (Mae Whitman), after being appropriately freaked out by kissing city councilman Bob Little (Jonathan Tucker) in the previous episode of “Parenthood,” decides this week that she wants to put on a sexy dress and sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. Small Time City Councilman With The Inexplicably Large Campaign Staff.” The question is, should the other Bravermans interfere or let her learn this life lesson?

Bob decides that he requires Amber’s assistance on a weekend trip to a small business convention in Sacramento. Hey, what girl could say no to that? When Haddie (Sarah Ramos) notices that Amber is packing a bunch of stripper shoes, she starts to wonder if Amber has the hots for her boss. Why does Amber have so many pairs of five inch heels? No wonder she was going broke. Amber denies it, though Haddie seems supportive of their possibly dating, arguing that Bob is young and cute. No one really young calls himself Bob, and no girl wants to date a man whose name is Little.

Haddie breaks the girl code and tells Kristina (Monica Potter) that she has her suspicions about Amber and Bob. Meanwhile, Bob puts the full court flirtation press on Amber, who is looking professional in a sheer black lace dress, and they end up fooling around in Bob’s nondescript hotel room. They really do have great chemistry, perhaps because they are total opposites. Not only is Bob a twenty-something guy named Bob, he is a twenty-something guy who wears undershirts. If this were a different show, he would turn out to be a time traveler. But it’s “Parenthood,” so before Bob can remove any clothing, Kristina barges in and insures that there will be no sex in Sacramento. Amber insists she’s an adult who can make her own decisions. Kristina points out that a 28 year old with the tastes of a 65 year old has no business sleeping with his 19 year old assistant. Then she makes Amber leave with her, saying that she is disappointed in her, even though Bob was the one who was abusing his power. Watch and decide for yourself: should Kristina have meddled?

Unfortunately, there was no follow up to this scene, no confrontation between Amber and Haddie or conversation between Amber and Bob about whether their relationship is worth the risk. Sarah, who ought to have a lot to say about the situation, has no idea that Amber wants to sleep with her much older boss. It makes for a frustrating lack of resolution to a volatile scenario.

In other Braverman news, Sarah (Lauren Graham) is so out of the loop about Amber because of her baby rabies. Drew finds her ovulation test and freaks out, concerned that his mother is going to forget about him and start a new family with Mark (Jason Ritter). A truly awkward dinner with Mark only makes things worse. Drew confides to Sarah that he hoped she’d get back together with Seth (John Corbett). Maybe someone so clueless about the children she already has shouldn’t have another baby. Julia (Erika Christensen) attempts to get Zoe (Rosa Salazar) a job as a paralegal even though she is not qualified — a common Braverman habit — only to learn that Zoe never finished high school. So she continues to meddle, by helping her prepare for the GED. Crosby (Dax Shepard) learns about Zeek’s (Craig T. Nelson)  heart problems. Max finally makes a friend his own age — a classmate who has spinal bifida.

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