The Wednesday Buzz: Jon Stewart and Ricky Gervais Have a Strange Conversation and More

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When Ricky Gervais came on “The Daily Show” to talk about his new HBO show “Life’s Too Short,” little did he know that he’d talk to Jon Stewart about panda porn and how to properly gesture when you’re talking about having sex with raccoons.

How did we get there? Well, we know that when Stewart has fellow comedians on, the conversation usually just goes wherever it goes and isn’t really about the project the person is promoting. So Ricky started by talking about spending Valentine’s night with Jon, saying they’re “cuddle buddies… like pandas.” Then Gervais was off, talking about how tough it is to get pandas to breed, to the point where they’re being shown panda porn to get them in the mood.

Then the conversation took a weirder turn when he talked about raccoons and he made gestures that Stewart called into question for their veracity. How things devolved between these two pros made for fascinating TV, much funnier than what Gervais said at this year’s Golden Globes.

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