‘Little People’ Stars ‘Sad’ Over Rosie O’Donnell’s Fear of Little People; Rosie Apologizes

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When Rosie O’Donnell interviewed Chelsea Handler on “The Rosie Show,” she expressed that she has a “mild fear or anxiety” around little people. She’s not proud of it, and she had a theory that she got it from her grandmother, who got freaked out by watching the Munchkins on “The Wizard of Oz.”

The stars of “Little People, Big World,” Matt and Amy Roloff, promoting the return of the series as a four-part special, were asked about it by Willie Geist on “Today”, and they were both disappointed. Amy didn’t mince words: she said Rosie’s remarks were “sad.”

Matt Roloff also spoke to Zap2It, saying he was disappointed in her words “since Rosie is so open to diversity and accepting of different people. We also felt like it was the wrong forum to discuss the fear — which, by the way, we totally get.”

Not long after that, and after the Little People of America got in touch with her about her remarks, Rosie tweeted to Amy Roloff, “@amyroloffCF – i am sorry my words hurt u and made u sad – they were ineloquently phrased – i apologize and am pained at my own inadequacy.”

Rosie’s original remarks are below. To be honest, we’re not sure who’s acting worse in that clip: O’Donnell, who clearly admits that she’s ashamed of her fear, or Handler, who employs little people on all her shows. She seemed to take great pleasure in saying the line “sometimes two smalls make a tall,” referring to when two LPs have average-sized kids.

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