‘Revenge’ Casts Reveals That Fire and Ice Is Followed By Trials And Darkness

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*Warning this article contains spoilers about this week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Chaos”*

Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet? This week’s much anticipated episode of “Revenge” (“Chaos”) delivered. After months of build up, we finally saw what happened at Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) engagement party.  Daniel is alive and covered in blood! Tyler (Ashton Holmes) is dead!  Jack (Nick Weschler) moved the body! Faux Amanda (Margarita Leveiva) was kidnapped by Tyler, turned against Emily until she realized that Emily framed Tyler for Frank’s murder to protect her, then turned back! Faux Amanda fled with Emily’s Sensei (Hiroyuki Sanada)! There’s a beach full of suspects including Emily, Daniel, Ashley (Ashley Madekewe), Faux Amanda, and The Sensei. What does it all mean? The cast revealed some secrets about the Fire and Ice party and the rest of the season.

The Fire And Ice Party Was Filmed Twice
Though creator Mike Kelley had this episode in mind from day one, that did not mean that “Chaos” was filmed in advance. Matching “Chaos” with the footage from the pilot was a challenge, according to the episode’s director Sanford Brooksaver. The pilot was filmed in North Carolina but the show now tapes in Los Angeles. “We had to rebuild every single thing from that pilot. We had to build the tents, we had to go to the beach, we had to bring all the wardrobe. There’s actually 10 shots from the original pilot. But everything else we reshot,” he says. He relied on technology to insure continuity. “I had the pilot on my iPad on set. I sat and I watched it over and over again. And as we shot every scene, we would go back to that scene in the pilot and watch it and talk it out and make sure everything matched on the set and all of the actors were very helpful because they remembered – I stood this way, I said my line this way.”

Daniel Was Never Supposed to Die
Yes, the pilot sure went out of its way to imply that Daniel was going to meet his maker at his engagement party. Fans might wonder if the storyline was changed because of the response to Daniel and Emily’s relationship. That’s not the case according to Josh Bowman. “I didn’t [think I was going to die.] But I could have. I’m glad to be alive. Everything changes on TV. I was never resting on any laurels.”

The Next Episode Will Reveal Who Killed Tyler
Though the police may or may not have the right suspect, the audience will have a clear sense of what happened. “You’re going to see in episode 15 the flashback to that night. You’ll see exactly what happened on the beach. You’ll see who killed him. It’s pretty amazing,” says Brookhaven. “There’s many oh my God moments in episode 16, towards the ending of the episode. It’s shot like film noir, so it’s a very dark, moody episode with a totally different tone than the episode you just watched.”

“Revenge” Will Go To Court
Someone will be arrested and tried for Tyler’s murder. “There’s a trial that starts. The show doesn’t all of a sudden become ‘Law and Order.’ But there are moments of flashes of the courtroom and wrapping up story and then introducing new story to finish up the season,” says Brookhaven. According to Bowman, “Blood is on Daniel’s hands and there will be a few people on trial. Everyone’s going to have their guard up, their walls up. Everyone’s protecting each other.”

Nolan Finds Sex — And A Surprising New Connection
Everyone’s favorite bisexual preppy tech billionaire sidekick may not experience romance, but he will get some action this spring. “I think he hopes he’s going to find love. He will definitely find a warm body. I can say that 100 percent,” says Gabriel Mann. There will also be further exploration of exactly why he is so loyal to Emily. “I think we will start to delve into a lot of flashbacks for this particular relationship and the origins of it.” Nolan will forge a bond with another outsider. “I can tease that there’s going to be a little more Declan-Nolan action, which I’m very excited about because I think they have a pretty interesting relationship,” says Connor Paolo.

Charlotte and Declan Go Back to School
Paolo reveals that one of Declan’s scenes from “Chaos” ended up on the cutting room floor. “There was actually a scene that didn’t make it into the episode because of the bargain that Charlotte and William Devane make. She makes good on her end of the bargain. She doesn’t go to the therapist. So he makes good on his end of the bargain,” and gets Declan into boarding school with Charlotte. It’s a good thing that Charlotte will have her boyfriend to support her, because the pills she popped in “Chaos” were the start of a downward spiral. “It’s kind of the beginning of this path that Charlotte’s heading down and it gets worse from here,” says Christa B. Allen. “It’s like with a lot of things, it has to get worse before it gets better. I think once she finally hits rock bottom and realizes what she’s doing is wrong, she can start to fix her life and put things in order in terms of what is good for her not what her family has set forth for her.”

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