The Thursday Buzz: ‘The Daily Show’ Takes on PETA and More

by | February 16, 2012 at 9:29 AM | Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with David Letterman, Modern Family, The Buzz, The Daily Show, The Today Show

Last night on “The Daily Show,” Wyatt Cenac interviewed a PETA representative about a lawsuit the organization filed against Sea World for “enslaving” the killer whales they use in their shows. As you’d expect from a “TDS” field piece, Cenac skewered the lawsuit by not only talking to opponents and carefully editing jokes made while interviewing the main subject, but they followed their recent “gotcha” trend and hoisted the subject on her own petard.

Cenac found a picture of spokesman Lisa Lange with her dog on the web and said that she should be sued for enslaving her pet. As she tried to defend the difference between domesticated animals and killer whales, he also says PETA will be served because they use animals on their calendars. She couldn’t argue with that. Luckily, the whale lawsuit was dismissed, so we won’t have to test those boundaries. “TDS” needs to keep doing this kind of “gotcha” fake journalism, because a) it’s funny and b) no one’s doing it in the world of real journalism anymore.

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