Watch: Shue Fits Right In As She Joins ‘CSI’ Cast

Newcomer Elisabeth Shue says hello to CSIs Hodges (Wallace Langham, shaking hands) and Stokes (George Eads) on "CSI" (Photo: CBS)

Perhaps the time has come to cease affixing the word “whisperer” to everything now that “the blood whisperer” has arrived on “CSI.”

That’s the nickname D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) used at least twice in Wednesday night’s episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” on CBS to refer to Julie Finlay, the new character played by Elisabeth Shue who was introduced on the show.

She’s the ostensible replacement for Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), who exited last month, except that Finley, of course, is a new and separate character with a backstory all her own.

And from what we can gather, she and Russell have a backstory that’s fraught with tension, possibly of a sexual nature.

How’d she wind up at the center of the action on Wednesday’s show? Russell was stumped by a mess o’ overlapping blood spatter that wound up on the shirtfront of a crime victim. And this Julie Finley happens to be a blood spatter expert, so he enlisted her help. In this episode, she acted as a “consultant” to the CSI team, but we expect the producers will find some way to have her join the unit permanently. And we learned a few other things about her too.

We happen to have Shue’s inaugural “CSI” episode right here — we suggest you watch:
[iframe—Seeing-Red/embed 580 476]

Here’s what we know about her so far:

Primarily, she’s a blood-spatter expert, but unlike TV’s other most famous expert in such matters — Showtime’s Dexter Morgan — Finley’s no serial killer (and by the way, that wasn’t specified in her first episode, but somehow, we doubt she’ll turn out to be a female Dexter).

She doesn’t really like being called the Blood Whisperer. She prefers the nickname “Fin” from her last name of Finley. We didn’t like “Blood Whisperer” either because it makes no sense. Or, to put it another way, you can understand someone whispering to a dog or horse, but whispering to blood? As for the overuse of the word “whisperer” these days, we already had this thought when we first encountered this guy they call the “skunk whisperer” on Animal Planet. (We even thought of adopting the moniker “the TV whisperer,” but we thought better of it after a few seconds.)

As for Fin’s relationship with Russell, we get the feeling they were once romantically involved and it ended badly. There was even a faint hint that he cheated on his wife with Fin, but we’re not quite sure of that. (If that’s the case, then there’s definitely more to mild-mannered Russell than has met the eye up ’til now.)

The real question is (pun intended): Does Shue fit? Well, yes — like a glove.

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