‘Vampire Diaries’: The Not So Secret Circle

Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries (Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW)

This week’s episode of “Vampire Diaries” “(All My Children”) proved that nobody in Mystic Falls can keep a secret. Granted, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) wanted Elena (Nina Dobrev) to find out all about their dirty, dirty sexscapades. But Elena brushed that off because she had to tell everybody about giving Esther (Alice Evans) her blood so that the Original Witch could cast a spell that would bind all of the Originals together, so that if one were killed they all died. She was feeling a bit of remorse about condemning Elijah (Daniel Gilles), given that the sensitive Original did save her life. So after calling out Damon for shagging Rebekah just to get back at her, she tells him all about the spell. Damon basically high fives her, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) agrees with his bro. They’re ready to kill every puppy on earth if that’s what it takes to get Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

At the Casa De Originals, the siblings make up for lost time. “Hey, you missed out on two world wars, dude.”  A suspicious Elijah shows Rebekah evidence that Esther cast a privacy spell. With so many kids in the house, who could blame her?

In fact, Esther has asked Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Abby (Persia White) to let her channel the Bennett bloodline so she can work her matricidal magic. Elijah takes Elena to the woods, telling her they used to be a Native American village. Then he asks her why she is lying about her conversation with Esther. Elena instantly confides that Esther wants to kill all her children. Elijah kicks a hole in the dirt, opening up a cave. Elena tumbles into it. That was pretty bad ass.

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Elijah is using Elena as a bargaining chip. He wants Damon and Stefan to stop Esther before she casts her spell at  six minutes after nine when the full moon rises. Otherwise Rebekah will kill Elena. Stefan’s plan is to dagger an Original. The other Originals should go down and it will neutralize the witches.

Esther starts to perform the ritual, which will turn the children into humans so they can be killed. This begs the question: why not just turn them back into humans? No more killings or immortality. But Esther seems determined to eradicate her spawn. Finn (Caspar Zafer) will sacrifice himself so she can kill the others.

At the grill, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) hits on Meredith (Torrey DeVito). Ric (Matt Davis) daggers him. The other Originals fall down, unconscious, except for Klaus, who merely feels pain. Klaus pulls the dagger out of Kol. The Originals spring back to life. Rebekah discovers that Elena has bolted to the cave with the paintings of the Originals where vampires cannot enter. Rebekah pours gasoline into the cave and lights a match. Elena points out that if Rebekah kills her she will lose all further opportunities for revenge, speculating that is why she slept with Damon. Girl, there are plenty of other reasons to sleep with Damon. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon come up with a Plan B they know Elena will hate. They flip a coin to see which one of them will do it. If nothing else, Esther has brought all of the siblings of Mystic Falls together.

Stefan tells Bonnie he has to stop Esther. Damon makes Abby drink from him then, breaks Abby’s neck and turns her into a vampire, thereby de-witching her. Rebekah, now safe, frees Elena,vowing slow revenge. When Elena tries to visit Bonnie, Caroline (Candice Accola) tells her that Bonnie doesn’t want to see her – pointing out Bonnie is always the one who suffers so Elena can be saved. Moments like this are what keep Elena from being an unlikable Mary Sue.

Stefan wonders why Damon turned Abby since he lost the coin toss. Damon knows Stefan wants to be his old self again, pointing out that Stefan has not had any human blood in a while. He admits he gave it up after threatening to drive Elena off the bridge.

Elijah writes Elena a letter of apology then laments to Rebekah that he has used people, saying, “Mother made us vampires. She didn’t make us monsters. We did that to ourselves.”  Then he heads out of town. It would be awesome if he ends up on a yoga retreat. Rebekah shows Klaus a photo of the cave painting, which reveals the existence of another white oak tree that could kill them. If Esther has been on the other side watching everything, why didn’t she know about the tree?

Ric, who was knocked out by Klaus,  wakes up in Meredith’s apartment. While she is sleeping, he finds William Forbes’ medical file and the knife that was used in the last two murders. She wakes up, points a gun at him, and fires!

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