‘Castle’: Jennifer Beals Knows Who Castle’s Daddy Is

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The identity of Rick Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) father has been one of “Castle’s” longest running mysteries. In this week’s episode (“Linchpin”), Castle’s ex-lover and first muse Sophia (Jennifer Beals) revealed the first major clue.  Sophia first appeared in last week’s episode. as a brilliant CIA agent who inspired the female character in Castle’s earlier series of books. Beckett (Stana Katic) could not help being a little bit jealous of Beckett 1.0 because Sophia and Castle’s relationship with Castle seemed so similar to hers.

This week it turned out that Beckett has no reason to worry. Sophia is certainly no threat to Beckett and Castle. She is, however, a danger to the rest of the world. The extra complicated mystery concerned a series of murders that were linked to a rogue CIA agent and a plot to start World War 3 known as “linchpin.” After escaping from a car that plunged into the Hudson, Castle and Beckett decide to continue investigating even though the CIA has taken over the case.  After following a series of leads, Beckett and Castle find themselves back at Sophia’s underground lair, which is filled with “24” style technology.  A computer trial makes it appear that first one CIA agent than another are moles. In the midst of all of this drama, Sophia finds time to tell Beckett about her relationship with Castle, saying that in some ways she regrets that they ever slept together, because they lost that powerful sense of longing that drew them together.  Watch the clip at the top of this post and decide if you think that Beckett could be drawing a parallel to her relationship with Castle.

Minutes later it turns out that Sophia was framing the other CIA agents. She’s the mole who is at the center of a plan to launch a global crisis by killing an important Chinese dignitary’s daughter so that he will persuade China to stop buying U.S. treasury bonds thereby tanking the American economy. It’s without a doubt the only “Castle” to deal with a talking point of the 2012 presidential campaign. But Sophia saves her biggest bombshell for Castle. While she holds a gun on Castle and Beckett, she reveals that she knows his father — and that he was the reason that Castle was given the clearance to observe her at work.  A good CIA agent kills her before she can say more. So who is the man who spawned Castle? Would it be too far fetched to speculate that former head of the CIA George Herbert Walker Bush had a brief affair with Martha and never acknowledged Castle because it would have ruined his chances of becoming president? Watch for yourself and decide who you think Castle’s father is.

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