Chris Brown Finds Unlikely Allies in Goldberg and Shepherd on ‘The View’

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Chris Brown is coming under some harsh media scrutiny again, but this time, it’s not his short fuse that’s drawing the attention. At the Grammy Awards last Sunday night, Miranda Lambert delivered a message to the star; while singing a song about domestic violence, the country star held up a sign that read, “Take Notes Chris Brown.” While the singer’s recent Twitter rants and new collaboration with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who he was arrested for abusing, are drawing criticism, the star has found himself some surprising supporters at “The View.”

“I think everybody’s treating Chris Brown like he has a history of beating women and he doesn’t,” said Sherri Shepherd. “He has apologized so many times. He has done what the court ordered him to do. Do we not believe that somebody can rehabilitate themselves [sic], and that they can go on and create a better life? Do we not believe in second chances?”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck countered, “I believe that 4 million women a year, according to the U.S. Department of justice, are battered by their boyfriends or husbands or live-ins every year… Is Chris Brown someone who did this once as far as we know? So, yes, there’s redemption, but there’s still accountability.”

“He is doing what he needs to be doing. He’s done everything that was asked of him and Rihanna’s forgiven him,” countered Whoopi Goldberg, who later retracted the end of her statement, calling it “wrong.”

“This is a young man that’s out there trying to do what he’s supposed to do,” said Goldberg.

“Nobody knows what happened, so all you haters out there, just find something else to hate until you get all the facts.”

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