‘Dance Moms’ Instructor Defends Her Methods to ‘The View’

"Dance Moms" doyenne Abby Lee Miller (Photo: Lifetime)

Known for her aggressive approach to teaching, reality star Abby Lee Miller brought her “Dance Moms” students to the set of “The View” where she was quickly tackled by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on her strict and seemingly insulting methods to instructing her pupils.

After opening with a montage of clips of her yelling at the girls as well as their moms, Hasselbeck told Miller that to get children working hard didn’t necessarily mean that she had to be mean.

“I think challenging someone is great, its the how…” she said to Miller. “Do you think that’s a great method?”

“You, of all the people here, know about reality television,” Miller told Hasselbeck, who was once a contestant on “Survivor,” and noted that editing can make situations appear worse than they were. “That’s what the producers want. For everyone who has children, if the nightgown or whatever is laying on the bedroom floor, and you say pick that up. The first time, you’re nice, you just say, ‘Pick that up.’ Then, like, the 20th time, you’re like, ‘Would you just pick that up right now?!’ And then the 50th time, you want them to eat the nightgown. That’s what you’re seeing.”

Hasselbeck retorted that Miller, in fact, wasn’t their mom. Although Miller said her relationship with her students struck a similar bond.

“In my heart and in my soul, there’s children that I have practically raised,” she replied. “Some of these kids have been in my studio three, four, five days a week for 13, 14 years.”

Here’s the clip…

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-View/62755/2199838734/Choreographer-Abby-Lee-Miller%21/embed 580 476]

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