Deep Soap: Watch Robin Scorpio’s ‘General Hospital’ Swan Song

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It turns out that “General Hospital’s” Robin Scorpio could survive HIV, gunshots and psychopaths, but not Maxie’s purse.

Ever since Kimberly McCullough decided that she was going to leave the show that she has starred on since childhood, fans have wondered how she was going to be written out. For a while it appeared that she would develop AIDS and die, but it turned out that issues with her HIV medication protocol were just a red herring.

After being given a clean bill of health, Robin devoted herself to finding a treatment for her ex-boyfriend Jason’s mysterious brain problem. While she worked on developing a drug that could help him, her cousin Maxie (Jenn Lilley) came to visit her in the lab to rant about her love life. As she she left, she accidentally hit a gas source with her purse. Robin did not notice as the lab filled with toxic fumes. She left to visit her mother, Anna (Finola Hughes), while Jason’s medication was brewing, or whatever medications do.

Her husband, Patrick (Jason Thompson) ended up passing out in the lab. Robin found him and dragged him outside to safety. Instead of informing the hospital technicians who could have certainly stopped the leak or finding another lab to whip up another batch of the elixir, Robin decided to rush back inside and grab the medication.

The doors locked behind her for security purposes and an alarm sounded indicating the presence of a dangerous amount of gas. Instead of paging someone who could help — one would think that when the alarm sounded some hospital personnel would have rushed to the scene — Robin begged Patrick to take the medication to Jason, passing it to him through a drawer that leads to the outside.

Why the petite, resourceful daughter of two spies didn’t try to squeeze herself through the same drawer was not explained. Patrick and Robin shared an emotional goodbye as the lab exploded.

On one hand, it was a ridiculous, far fetched, undignified and, frankly, small, end for one of the show’s most beloved heroines. On the other, it’s a nod to GH’s history.  Robin’s parents were presumed dead in an explosion. There are many rumors that Robin’s death will turn out to be every bit as temporary. New headwriter Ron Carlivati’s work first airs this week. He is launching a major storyline involving Anna, Robert (Tristan Rogers) and Helena (Constance Towers). This death could be the set up for an old school GH adventure with a satisfying ending. Watch the clip of Robin and Patrick’s final scene and decide for yourself.

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