‘The Bachelor’: Ben Gives Courtney ‘Props’ for Faux Wedding Ceremony

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Ben digs a bold bird. On last night’s episode of “The Bachelor,” The Vested One visited the hometowns of his four remaining bachelorettes (Kacie B., Lindzi, Nicki and Courtney.) Amid all the cautious parents and cowboy couture shopping, there was one moment that truly stood out: Courney creating an elaborate faux wedding (with rings and vows) in an effort to tell Ben those three little words.

Taking Ben to a local Scottsdale, Ariz. park where she’s “always wanted to get married,” the 28-year-old model convinced Ben to participate in the mock nuptials.

“I’m looking for love. Real, passionate, can’t-live-without love,” Courtney confessed during their outdoor ceremony. “When I look at you from across the room, I know that the key to your happiness is the key to mine. Ben, I want to love you and treat you right. Every day and every night. I hope you know I’m 100% ready for marriage and so happy I found you. I want you to know that I’m in love with you.” (Watch Above.)

Although Ben initially appeared flummoxed by the setup, he later told Chris Harrison he was touched by Courtney’s efforts. “To put something like this together in such a romantic, intimate setting means so much to me,” he said. “Standing up there with Courtney felt pretty natural. She’s an incredible woman and I feel like I could have written a whole lot more [for my vows], which is a good thing.”

Courtney agreed. After earning a rose along with Lindzi and Nicki (Kacie was sent home), Courtney quipped, “We are not Mr. and Mrs. Flajnik yet, but it feels pretty good to try it on for size.”

In his People blog on Tuesday,  Ben continued to ride high on the Courtney Praise train, writing, “My date with her felt really natural and I have to give her props because she was really bold to assume that I would play along with a mock wedding. Little did I know how much this elaborate setting would allow her to pour her heart out. Hearing Courtney tell me she loves me made it all worth it.”

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