Report: ‘Biggest Loser’ Shuts Down Over Contestant Walk-Out

Season 13 cast of "The Biggest Loser" (NBC)

Season 13 cast of "The Biggest Loser" (NBC)

Like most reality competitions, “The Biggest Loser” likes throwing some twists in the contest, just to keep things interesting. They’ve brought back eliminated players, and also sent teams off-campus with the purpose of bringing them back at a certain point. But this time around, the twist has backfired on the “Loser” producers, as they’ve had to shut down production over a contestant revolt, reports TMZ.

According to the report, some contestants walked off the set when they heard about the twist, upset that the producers decided to return some eliminated contestants to the Biggest Loser Ranch to compete for the big $250,000 prize. The gossip site’s sources claim that the revolt has been so severe that production has been shut down for a at least a week while everything is sorted out.

This comes as a bit of a surprise; most “Loser” contestants are big fans of the show, and they’ve seen producers bring back contestants before. So maybe this rancor has more to do with who came back more than anything else. For instance, last night’s episode’s eliminee, Daphne, caused a lot of anger and rancor among the contestants; perhaps she was the one who came back?

Either way, it’s a touchy situation. We reached out to NBC to see what they had to say about the matter, but they had no comment.

Catch up on “The Biggest Loser” with the latest episode:

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