The Wednesday Buzz: Jimmy Fallon Talks to the ‘Alabama Face Sign Guy’ and More

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For some reason, we really enjoy it when ordinary people get fleeting national attention for doing silly things. All Jack Blankenship, a freshman at the University of Alabama, had to do was blow up his face making a bug-eyed frown and bring a picture of that to his school’s basketball games. A few shots of him sitting under the basket, distracting foul shooters by doing the face while holding the sign, and boom, he’s not only on the “Today” show, he’s hanging out with the Roots on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Fallon did a nice job making what would be thirty seconds of explanation into a four-minute bit, asking Blankenship to break down how he makes the face, step by step. It’s not as easy as it looks; while Blankenship and his buddy are able to make the face, Fallon can’t do it without breaking out in giggles. And we find it funny that Fallon, who has real comedic talent, is fascinated by a guy who’s become a “YouTube sensation” by frowning and bugging his eyes out.

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