‘Ellen’: Jennifer Aniston Pulls a Prank, While Justin Theroux Breakdances

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It’s not a stretch to say that because she’s such a guest-friendly talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres can get her superstar guests to do a little bit more than most hosts can get away with. This week, for instance, she’s been able to get the Hollywood super couple of the moment — Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux — to follow her lead into two pretty funny moments on the “Ellen” show.

Yesterday, for instance, she prodded Theroux into doing something he’s surprisingly great at: break dancing. Of course, she had some help, as Aniston sent over Justin’s “breakin’ shoes,” a gaudily gold-trimmed pair of Nikes. Theroux then proceeded to bust more than a couple of moves, though we’re sure that he probably gets more sore after popping and locking now than he did, say, 20 years ago.

Then, on today’s show, Aniston — the couple are promoting the movie they’re both in, “Wanderlust” — donned an earpiece and helped Ellen with a hidden camera prank. Sitting in the show’s green room, she gets delivery of a bike she pretends is going to be a surprise for Ellen, and with the host’s help, makes the poor delivery guy think that the big star that’s in front of him has gone stark raving mad.

What’s striking about all this is that, even though Jen’s behavior in front of this kid was wacky, he still had no problem asking her for a coffee date. Jenny’s still got it, doesn’t she?

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