‘The View’ Calls Decision to Print Whitney Houston Photo ‘Shameful’

Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" (ABC)

News that the National Enquirer has published a photo of Whitney Houston lying in her open coffin on the cover gave shivers to the ladies of “The View,” who spent the morning discussing the decision.

Whoopi Goldberg, in particular, was offended by the picture which ran with the headline “WHITNEY: THE LAST PHOTO!” noting that it wasn’t the first time the tabloid had decided to run that type of image.

“One of the strange things that the rag papers tend to do is that they tend to offer people money when they need it,” she told her fellow co-hosts. “I know this because when my dad passed away, they ran his picture on the cover of the Enquirer talking about how I wasn’t there.”

She said that an employee at the funeral home had taken and later sold the picture.

Barbara Walters noted that that the publication also decided to run a picture of a lifeless Elvis in 1977, paying $18,000 for the shot and later selling 6.5 million copies of the issue.

“The Elvis photo put the Enquirer on the map,” Walters reflected.

After speculating whether it was a friend, family member or employee that took and sold the shot, Goldberg noted that the best punishment would be shame.

“I don’t think people should be fired, they should be shamed because shaming someone can be a lot more effective than firing,” she said.

Here’s the video…

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