TLC To Make ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ Into a Series

Roy holds a bunch of roses he found in a Dumpster in "Extreme Cheapskates" (TLC)

Roy holds a bunch of roses he found in a Dumpster in "Extreme Cheapskates" (TLC)

TLC can’t seem to get enough of people who go to extremes in their lives, can they? Collectors, people who eat weird things, hoarders and neat hoarders (i.e. couponers) are just a few of the groups we’ve seen. Now the network is going to turn their cameras on “Extreme Cheapskates”, as they’ve decided to make the show that was a successful special for them in December into a series.

Eight episodes have been ordered, and a press release mentions that producers are “currently casting individuals who look for creative ways to cut costs by any means necessary. ” Episodes will begin airing in the summer.

Among the people who were profiled in the special: a man who dumpster dives for family gifts and reuses paper towels, a worldly gent who cooks hearts and goat heads for his family, and a woman who uses washable, cloth squares for (gulp) toilet paper. As usual, these people’s spouses and families are also interviewed, so expect to see more people with “I can’t believe I’m not divorced yet” looks on their faces.

Here’s the lady who makes reusable toilet paper… and yes, we got a little sick watching this one, too:

[iframe 580 340]

To get you in more of an “Extreme” mood, watch this clip from “Extreme Couponing”:

[iframe 580 476]


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