‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Chief and Adele Break Everyone’s Heart

Grey’s Anatomy” is known for its focus on the struggles of young doctors. In this week’s episode (“If Only You Were Lonely”), the stand out scenes were between the older characters on the show, as Adele’s (Loretta Devine) Alzheimers disease grew worse and Chief Weber (James Pickens Junior) considered putting her into a nursing home. Adele, confused about what year it was, thought Harold wanted to buy a very small starter home. After she threw dishes at the nurse that was hired to take care of her, Adele had a moment of clarity and told Weber that she knew she had Alzheimers, and that moving to the nursing home would probably be for the best. Grab a box of tissues and watch the clip of this very sad moment. It will be a relief to see Devine with all of her mental faculties as the owner of a massage parlor on Lifetime’s upcoming series, “The Client List.”

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The funniest moment belonged to Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson). “Grey’s” has always had one of the most diverse casts on television. Usually, ethnicity has little relevance to the storylines. But this week, Derek became paranoid that a woman who shot him a dirty look while he was playing with Zola had issues with him raising a black child. Bailey had to set him straight. The woman was appalled by the state of Zola’s hair. Like most dads, he had no clue how to style a girl’s hair, and knew even less about black hair. So Bailey taught him how to make cute ponytails. It was nice to see the show acknowledge that adopting a child from another culture involves a bit of a learning curve in such a lighthearted way. But someone with hair as spectacular as Derek’s shouldn’t have needed a friend to point this out of him.

In other Seattle Grace news, Christina (Sandra Oh) is convinced that Owen (Kevin McKidd) is cheating on her with a hot nurse played by Summer Glau. Alex (Justin Chambers) helps his intern cope with her extremely premature baby when her husband bails on her and the child. In the most unrealistic storyline: Avery (Jesse Williams) is going through a sexual dry spell. Really? A smoking hot, young, doctor from a wealthy family can’t get a woman to sleep with him? All he would have to do is walk into any bar with a single’s scene and he would have more female attention than he could handle.

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