‘Today’: Sacha Baron Cohen Calls In as ‘The Dictator’ To Talk About Oscars Ban

by | February 24, 2012 at 12:11 PM | The Today Show

If Urban Dictionary ever decides to update their listing for the phrase “slow news day,” they should include a link to the above clip. In order to address the “controversy” over Sacha Baron Cohen being banned from appearing on the red carpet as his character from his new movie “The Dictator,” the “Today” show managed to land a phone interview with Cohen. Only Cohen called in as his character, Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen, to talk about the ban.

As Ann Curry and Carl Quintanilla did the interview from the anchor desk, they and the rest of the crew laughed along as Cohen/Aladeen mentioned that “I delayed 30 executions to do this.” He then asked the anchors about how “your eunuch, Al Roker” is doing.

Keep in mind that this was early on during the show, a time that is usually reserved for hard news. At least they didn’t take the interview seriously; that would have made things even more awkward than they were already. We wonder if Matt Lauer was watching this and thinking, “Thank God I’m on vacation.”