‘Tonight Show’: Meredith Vieira Admits She’s Still Going Through ‘Today’ Withdrawal

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Appearing on the “Tonight Show” Thursday night, Meredith Vieira admit that she’s still suffering from “Today” withdrawal after departing her anchor post on the morning show show this past June. What are some of her telltale symptoms?

+ Going to bed at midnight, but still waking up at 2:30 AM.

+ Sitting around in her living room at 2:30 AM waiting for someone to email, call or text – but “nobody” does.

+ Experiencing remorse over the fact that the show is still on the air, despite being “sure” it would “tank” without her. (“Matt [Lauer] told me they were going to cancel the show, but it’s doing just fine,” she joked.)

Later in the interview, Vieira shared a story about a recent day she spent at 30 Rockefellar Plaza, where both “Today” and “Rock Center” (Vieira is a correspondent on the news show) tape. She said she left a special expletive-laden lipstick inscription on the mirror in Matt Lauer’s dressing room. When she left the studio for the day and returned home, she discovered Lauer had left a special gift for her in return: a pair of men’s underpants. “I can’t believe I’m touching these!” she yelped as she showed off the tighty whities. “Normally he wears a thong,” she joked. “So I’m kind of shocked by that.”

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