Watch: Oprah Has a Fight Club, Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel

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We’re not sure how he did it, but not only is Jimmy Kimmel getting Oprah Winfrey as a guest on his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” post-Oscars special on Sunday night, he’s also getting her to do some pre-taped sketches, as “Good Morning America” shows in Chris Connelly’s backstage report. Connelly not only interviews Oprah and Jimmy together — how odd is it to see them sitting next to each other like that? — but also shows a sketch where Oprah is the leader of her very own Fight Club.

Yes, you read that right: Jimmy Kimmel will be presenting us with “Oprah’s Fight Club” on Sunday night. We’re glad to see that the Big O is game and has a sense of humor about herself. We’re even happy to find out that the stuntwoman she punched in the sketch is the same one she punched in “The Color Purple” almost 30 years ago.

Now, you may think that Oprah’s newfound self-deprecating bone is a result of her needing to get out there more to promote her struggling OWN network and the struggling shows that are on it — including hers. But this could also be the actions of a woman who’s not front-and-center in the public eye anymore just wanting to cut loose and have some fun on TV for a change. We’d rather see the fun Oprah than the preachy Oprah any day of the week.

Watch Oprah walk across hot coals on “Oprah’s Next Chapter”:

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