Watch: Paula Deen, Son Bobby Answer Her Critics on ‘Today’

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Hard-charging TV chef Paula Deen called her critics “mean” for calling her out last month for her history of promoting fatty foods after she revealed she’s developed Type-2 diabetes.

As you can see in the video above, Deen joined her son Bobby on NBC’s “Today” show Friday morning — the very show on which the Food Network personality and cookbook author announced her diabetes in January — in an interview with Al Roker in which the Deens trashed the naysayers who criticized Paula.

“You know, Al, I guess I was very lucky,” she said, attempting to minimize the avalanche of criticism that came her way after she announced her diabetes and then revealed she made a deal with a pharmaceutical company to endorse a diabetes drug. “I think [the criticism] was from a few people that were kinda mean about it and wanted to hold it against me, but you know what? The people that care for me. Al, they came out like you wouldn’t believe and they are the people that I care about.”

Son Bobby then criticized the critics. Said he, “When people pile on, it really says something about, maybe, who’s doing the talking.”

Our take is the same now as it was back then: The criticism seemed valid to us because the critics were only pointing out that Deen made her fortune promoting the preparation and enjoyment of fat-laden foods and then took up with a pharmaceutical company in the diabetes-drug business — a disease caused at least in part by the kind of fatty foods she merrily prepared on her TV shows.

On “Today,” she and her son did eventually steer the conversation to their new efforts at trying to promote healthier eating. After Roker asked her his questions about last month’s criticism, the Deens showed him how to prepare a breakfast frittata “using a lighter cheese,” Paula said.

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