Watch: Larry David Tells ‘Quitting’ Story That Made It into ‘Seinfeld’

Larry David (Photo: Getty Images)

Despite his huge success with “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David likes nothing more than to tell stories about “Seinfeld.”

It is, of course, the show that changed his life. He was a struggling comedian living pretty much hand-to-mouth when he and his friend, Jerry Seinfeld, made an against-all-odds deal in 1989 or thereabouts to make a sitcom for NBC. The rest is history — incredible history at that: The series, “Seinfeld,” went on to become one of the most beloved shows in the history of television and it made hundreds of millons of dollars for its co-creators — something David has often said he still cannot believe.

As we can testify from personal experience, David is a great storyteller and the “Seinfeld”-related yarns just spill out of him. And that was certainly the case this past Thursday night when Larry was the sole guest on comedian David Steinberg’s Showtime show “Inside Comedy,” where Steinberg — the consummate comedy insider — conducts informal interviews with various comedy greats. (In fact, an interview a week earlier with Billy Crystal — apparently conducted before Billy agreed last fall to host this weekend’s Oscars — was interesting because Billy told Steinberg then he wasn’t interested in hosting the Oscars again because it was too much work.)

One story Larry told Steinberg last week on the show (which airs Thursday nights at 11/10c on Showtime) was the one about how Larry once angrily quit “Saturday Night Live” one Saturday night, when he was a staff writer for a time, and then regretted it over the weekend. So, on the advice of his then-neighbor, Kenny Kramer (the real “Kramer”), Larry went back to work on Monday as if nothing had happened. And the gambit worked. Later, Larry adapted the anecdote for George Costanza (Jason Alexander) for a 1991 episode of “Seinfeld” (titled “The Revenge”) in which George quit his own job at a real estate company and then showed up on Monday as if nothing happened.

Click on the pic to watch Larry David with David Steinberg on “Inside Comedy”:

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