Lisa Lampanelli and Victoria Gotti Go at It in ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Showdown

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[**SPOILER ALERT** Do not read if you don’t want to know the outcome of Sunday’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice”]

One week after vowing to The Donald that she’d focus more, Victoria Gotti received the “Celebrity Apprentice” kiss of death on Sunday night’s episode. Gotti, who was brought back into the boardroom with Dayana Mendoza, was taken to task by Team Forte project manager Lisa Lampanelli. Among Lampanelli’s grievances: Gotti’s inability to hit her mark during the team’s show at Medieval Times, and her apparent desire to want to quit – or head to Team Unanimous.  In the reception holding room prior to the boardroom brawl, a harsh Lampanelli brought the mob boss’ daughter to near tears. “I’ve never felt more not wanted or needed in my life – ever,” Gotti said. An angered Lampanelli mouthed “shut the f–k up,” then exclaimed, “Check your ego at the door. It’s not about you.” “I did check my ego at the door,” Gotti responded. “No, you didn’t, when you refused to work,” Lampanelli retorted, adding, “I am not arguing with you because you are inarguable because you have lies made up in your head, so enjoy the delusion of your life.” Ouch. The pain continued in the boardroom, as each woman went for the jugular (below). Ultimately, along with the help of guest judge James Lipton and Don Jr., Trump decided to give Victoria the heave-ho. “What I just witnessed in that boardroom terribly shocked me,” Gotti said in her Town Car confessional. “What Lisa said in there was just abject lies. But you know what my attitude is? Lisa has to live with that, not me. She may have succeeded now, but it will come back to haunt her.”

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