FX: Charlie Sheen, ‘Louie’, ‘Wilfred’ and Russell Brand All Start on June 28

Louis C.K. (FX)

June 28 is going to be a huge day for FX, as all of its planned summer comedies have been scheduled to start that Thursday night. Yes, all of them.

Charlie Sheen‘s new comedy, “Anger Management,” will bow first at 9 pm Eastern with back-to-back episodes, followed by the season 2 premiere of “Wilfred” at 10. At 10:30, the season 3 premiere of “Louie” will air, followed at 11 by the first episode of Russell Brand‘s stand-up/talk-show hybrid, “Strangely Uplifiting.”

FX has been known to premiere their shows in blocks, but to debut four shows — two new and two returning — in one night is something that they’ve rarely if ever done. But it’s a smart idea, because Sheen’s and Brand’s shows will get a huge tune-in just from the curiosity factor, and having two returnees air in between helps buffer the night in subsequent weeks.

“Louie” is especially poised to explode with Louis C.K.‘s highly-publicized and very successful self-distributed comedy special buffeting a second season that was widely praised and garnered multiple Emmy nods. “Wilfred,” about an ex-lawyer (Elijah Wood) who is friends with a dog he sees as a guy in a dog suit (Jason Gann), also is ready to break out, with Robin Williams slated to guest on the season premiere. It won’t hurt that it’s going to get the huge Charlie Sheen lead in, especially during the first week.

And, who knows? If “Anger Management” is any good, we may start seeing “Walking Dead”-level numbers for a cable comedy on a weekly basis. Considering Sheen is about due for yet another career resurrection, it wouldn’t be a big surprise.

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