Watch: James Caan Joins Son Scott to Solve a Murder on ‘Hawaii Five-0’

It’s a fun family affair when “The Godfather” star James Caan joins son Scott for an action-packed episode of “Hawaii Five-0.” The case begins with the death by bomb of a famous talk radio DJ Bobby Raines (Dennis Miller), who is blown up five miles out to sea. Five-0 is called in when Bobby’s body makes it back to shore — and then is stolen by a few of Bobby’s acolytes — and it looks as if Max (Masi Oka) won’t be able to perform an autopsy.

The first serious suspect for the murder is former NYPD bomb expert Tony Archer (James Caan), who was friends with some dirty cops back in New York when Bobby was hassling them on-air, so McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Dano (Scott Caan) figure he has a motive. And it just so happens he now lives on a boat in Oahu. Convenient!

Their first encounter is at gunpoint and Tony thinks he has shown McGarrett a trick, but Dano gets the drop on him — and they have a friendly but frustrating chat. But it turns out that Tony has another, even bigger surprise for the Five-0 team, which lands him in cuffs.

When push comes to shove, we learn that not only were Tony and Bobby best buds but Tony is Bobby’s daughter’s — wait for it — godfather, so, even though he no longer has a shield, Tony insists on working the case. And when the investigation goes in what Tony considers the wrong direction, he isn’t too shy to tell the guys, “I always have a better idea. I know a guy.” Of course, his guy also turns out to be their guy — and the case moves along and they locate yet another guy who provided the bomb-making materials.

“Hawaii Five-0” always mixes humor in with its dead bodies — and the “Leiko” [Hawaiian for radio] episode is exceptionally humorous with Tony unwilling — or unable — to remember McGarrett and Dano’s names and coming up with lots of fun alternate monikers for the guys, including Magoo, muscles and Dick Tracy.

And, of course, there is always a dame involved — and this case — and its conclusion — is no exception. The best part? The door is left open for Tony, who is a PI in Oahu, to come back for future cases.

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