‘Parenthood’: One Wedding and a Food Fight

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It’s the super early “Parenthood” season finale. There are more happily ever afters on this fairytale conclusion than on an entire season of “Once Upon a Time.” Why not? The show has yet to be renewed — though it is one of NBC’s highest rated dramas so its future seems secure — but if it does not come back, this episode could serve as a great series finale..

The big news is that Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) are legalizing their dysfunctional, combative relationship. After Jasmine’s rain-soaked proposal last week, the couple wisely decided to get married before they have a chance to get into an argument and break up again. Since they are both technically still in relationships with other people, they wisely employ “South Park’s” “you can do anything in a montage” strategy to break up with the Cello Girl and Hot Dr. Joe. (D.B. Woodside).  Let’s hope he isn’t in escrow on that house he planned to buy for Jasmine yet.

Before the wedding, Crosby has to be an idiot one last time. He’s (somewhat justifiably) furious with Adam (Peter Krause) for meeting with the man who wants to buy the Luncheonette without him. So, when all of the Bravermans have gathered for a marathon wedding planning session, Crosby announces he has replaced Adam as best man. The two argue about it. Crosby throws his beer at Adam and the two end up in a full on food fight. Watch the clip and decide which brother won the battle of the less-than-tough guys.

They still have not made up by the wedding, though after Jasmine points out that Adam viewed The Luncheonette solely as a money making entity, he agreed to sell it.  The wedding itself is amazing. Zeek and Camille’s yard must be the size of several football fields, because it held over 50 guests and a gospel choir with room to spare. Maybe next season they will start a wildlife preserve on their property. It’s only February, but it does not seem premature to declare Jasmine the season’s most beautiful bride. Check out their wedding montage (hey, you really can do anything in a montage) and see if you can figure out how big the Braverman backyard is.

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Sarah (Lauren Graham) got her fairytale ending, too. She realized that she might not want to have another kid and broke up with Mark (Jason Ritter), even though he insisted she was more important to him than a theoretical future child. Nobody can drive a good man away like Sarah. Except that Mark showed up at the wedding anyway in defiance of the way any actual real life man would behave in this situation, and proposed to her. Mark really is Prince Charming.

Zoe did decide to keep her baby. She had the good grace to thank Julia (Erika Christensen) for supporting her through her pregnancy. Miraculously, just two days after they told the adoption agency that they would be willing to take on a child with absolutely no notice, they received a call during the wedding reception. Julia and Joel are now the proud parents of Victor, a child who appears to be older than Sydney (Savannah Paige Rae). He was placed for adoption because his mother is in prison. Victor seemed as terrified as any older child who lost his mother and was assigned a new family without any warning would be. His presence in the household should be interesting next season.

Drew got the most literal happy ending, sneaking away from the reception to lose his virginity to his girlfriend. Well played, young Drew.

Amber (Mae Whitman) decided to make her life as complicated and awkward as possible by continuing to be Bob’s (Jonathan Tucker) assistant but not dating him. Well, some fairytales are a little twisted. Perhaps next season we will learn why Bob is spending more money than Mitt Romney to be elected to a part time city council position in a college town.


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