The Wednesday Buzz: Stephen Merchant and Jon Stewart Talk Height and More

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Jon Stewart will be the first to tell you that he’s not a particularly tall man. He uses his lack of stature as the butt of many jokes, and he tends to be quite a bit shorter than most of his male guests. But the difference was stark when Stephen Merchant came out to talk to Jon about “Life’s Too Short,” the new HBO series he and Ricky Gervais produce. So that’s where the conversation went.

Merchant is a remarkable 6’7″, and that’s just slightly too tall for him, because he’s an inch or so too tall for most beds. “I’ve been most heights” as he grew up, and he felt that 6’3″ to 6’6″ was a good one for him. Jon’s 5’7″ height? Merchant said it was a great height when he was a child.

And if you think the conversation was as off-topic as Stewart and Gervais talking about panda sex a few weeks ago, then you’d be wrong; after all, “Life’s Too Short” is about a man, Warwick Davis, is even shorter than Jon, though not by much.

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